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Leaf rake / Leaf skimmer

Made of durable, sun and chemical-resistant raw material

Strength & durability yet keeping it lightweight

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Pool brush

 Extra strength and stability. Ideal for cleaning pool bottoms and wall

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Vacuum head

These units are ultimate time saver used for cleaning the floors and walls of the pools

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Sand filter 

Sandy filter have ABS body and fiberglass sandy filter

Designed for swimming pool or spa pool.

Easy to use multi-port valve lets you select any of the valve/filter operation with a simple level action.

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Aluminum telescopic pole

Match with pool skimmer, pool rake, pool vacuum

Different sizes for choice or customized

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Automatic pool cleaner

Removing leaves,stones,tree seeds,hairs,sands,debris,to clean the swimming pools.

Suitable for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools till water depth 3M.

Easy to install,no tools needed.

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Animal pool thermometer

 4 styles : goldfish, duck, tortoise, whale

For swimming pool water measuring, with a string, easy to carry with.

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Auto swimming pool  robotic cleaner

Anew type of highly efficient and energy-saving swimming pool cleaning robot

Through its advanced computer controlled program, it can clean the pool walls and bottom automatically.

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