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Pool Brush 

Art No. PB012

Size: 10″/26CM

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue/white

Art No.: PB013


Color: blue/black

Material: PP+ stainless steel

Art No. CPB007

Size: 19″/50CM ; 24″/60CM; 36″/90CM for choice

Material: PP+ Aluminum

Color: White/Blue/Silver

Art No. FB026

Finger brush

Material: Plastic and sponge

Color: Blue

Art No.: FB025

Material:  Heavy duty plastic

Color: Blue

  • Cleans your swimming pool’s floor and walls automatically

  • Less maintenance needed because only one moving part which ensures years of dependable service

  • Installs in less than ten minutes and no tools are needed

  • Powered by your existing swimming pool filtration equipment

  • Swivel Foot Pad for easy navigation out of tight corners

  • Energy efficient due to no additional electricity or pumps needed

  • Automatic Regulator Valve sets the ideal suction

  • Side Port Intakes pick up dirt and debris in a single pass

  • Hammer and Spring assures uninterrupted performance season after season

  • Optional Leaf Basket traps leaves and other debris for easy disposal

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